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It’s summer the season of bright, white t-shirts and smiles to match! If your smile isn’t summertime bright, please call us to find out how easy it can be to lighten up, with fast, safe and effective and dentist supervised teeth whitening. Many patients find that the summer is a great time to squeeze in that time for earlier in the year. Households with children on summer holidays especially appreciate scheduling in dental and other appointments for the kids, not having to interrupt school time. Whether you’re due for a regular re-care appointment, have a specific dental concern you’d like to look at, or if you’ve been wondering about cosmetic improvements- from tooth whitening to a complete smile makeover – please call us. We’ll be pleased to answer all your questions.
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Welcome to the “Airport Dentist” website. Dr. Trager has an experienced, gentle approach to dentistry that his patients appreciate when they are seeking oral health advice or treatment. His wife, Bonnye, directs Doctor Trager’s practices. Dr. Trager welcomes all airline personnel and travelers at his locations at JFK and LaGuardia airports. Make an appointment to see him the next time you’re flying in or out of either of these airports. Dr. Trager’s staff is trained in the latest dentistry techniques.

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