Building and preserving strong bones and teeth should be a priority for everyone, at every age. Consuming enough calcium and involving yourself in physical activities, especially weight-bearing physical activities, are two lifestyle habits that are especially important in maintaining bone health and fighting off osteoporosis as we age.

From a dental perspective, recognize that healthy bones mean a healthy jaw, and that a healthy jaw is paramount in supporting teeth and the quality of a smile. While incorporating weightbearing physical activity into your exercise plan is a great way to keep bones healthy, keep in mind that sometimes those same activities can also contribute to tooth damage. For example, even though tooth enamel is the strongest material in your body, it can actually be damaged by clenching the teeth hard – something weight-lifters unconsciously inflict upon themselves when straining to raise their weights.
Please talk to us about your exercise regime so we can determine if a mouthguard would be a wise addition to your
athletic protection.