Office Hours

Office hours at both LaGuardia and JFK 9:30-5:30 Monday to Friday and at the Farmers Blvd. Location Monday thru Thursday 9-6.  The office is closed on Fridays.  The Farmers Blvd. office is opened on Saturday from 9-2pm.

If you haven’t seen a dentist in a while or you haven’t visited our office as frequently as you should , we’d like to find out why. Could it be for one of the following reasons?
You haven’t been to the dentist for so long, you’re now afraid you’ll get “in trouble”!

Some patients steer clear of the dentist because they think we might chastise them for neglecting their mouths for so long. If you fear my reaction to the condition of your teeth and gums, please relax. My job isn’t to judge you and your dental history, it’s to bring your mouth back to health and to restore your smile. And believe me, your smile can be fixed, no matter how bad you think it is!

You break out in a cold sweat at the thought of even entering the dental office.
If the mere thought of having dental work done causes your heart to pound and your palms to sweat, rest assured that you’re not alone!
There are no hard statistics on it, but it’s estimated that millions of North Americans are so fearful of going to the dentist that they simply don’t go. And of course, the trouble with dental problems is that they don’t go away – and usually get worse – if you ignore them.
We encourage you to share your anxieties with us. Getting your concerns out in the open will let us adapt any treatments to your needs. In fact, there are methods that may not have been around when you last went to the dentist, that make dentistry more comfortable than you can imagine!
You’re embarrassed about your bad breath.
We welcome you, and your halitosis too! In fact, your dental office should be your first stop for any
breath concerns.

We’ll discuss all the possible causes of halitosis, and what we can do to address it. The first step towards fresher breath is to make an appointment to talk about it today.

You have less-than-stellar dental hygiene habits.
If brushing and flossing aren’t regularly-scheduled events on your daily calendar, come in so we can talk about
different dental techniques that might make them more inviting. For example, we can demonstrate flossing aids that you may find easier and more effective than what you’ve tried in the past.
Your lifestyle is reflected in your smile.
A big fan of red wine? A heavy smoker? Have an eating disorder? Multiple oral piercings? Many daily habits and lifestyle issues can affect not only the color and condition of your teeth, but the condition of your gums too. Please allow us to evaluate the effects of your lifestyle on your teeth, and take steps to repair any damage already done, fix up your teeth and gums, and take steps to prevent further damage. 


Dentistry is not cheap, that’s a fact. However, the longer you leave dental problems, the bigger – and more expensive – they could be to eventually fix. We’ll be happy to work on a payment plan that will allow you to regain your beautiful, healthy smile without breaking your budget.
Have we missed the reason that might be in-between you and your decision to call for a dental appointment? If so, please let us know!
We look forward to hearing from you soon.