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Dr. Trager’s extensive volunteer efforts in the fight against oral cancer in New York State are commendable.  He chairs Nassau County Dental Society’s Oral Cancer Awareness Committee and he can be found at various venues across New York State.  This year he will direct oral health clinics at Eisenhower Park in East Meadow, Saratoga Raceway in Saratoga Springs, Belmont Raceway and at the Nassau Coliseum.  He and his Committee will be conducting free screenings at the various colleges and universities on Long Island.

Nassau County Residents Offered Free Oral Cancer Screenings at Belmont Raceway on Friday, October 7th

Oral cancer strikes an estimated 34,360 Americans each year

Oral cancer strikes an estimated 34,360 Americans each year. An estimated 7,550 people (5,180 men and 2,370 women) will die of these cancers this year. More than 25% of the 30,000 Americans who get oral cancer will die of the disease. On average, only half of those diagnosed with the disease will survive more than five years.

“It’s surprising to see the rise in oral cancer among our younger population,” said Dr. Robert Trager, Oral Heath Awareness Chair, Nassau County Dental Society. “College students don’t realize the negative impact chewing tobacco has on their oral health.” Dr. Trager added, “The spread of the HPV virus is also on the rise among high-school and college students – a direct cause of oral cancer.  If we can save one life by detecting oral cancer in its early stages at these events, we as a Society of concerned dentists feel proud and pleased to have done so.”

Regular dental check-ups, including an examination of the entire mouth, are essential in the early detection of cancerous and pre-cancerous conditions. Knowing the risk factors and seeing your dentist for oral cancer screenings can help prevent this deadly disease.

Last year, NCDS member dentists screened more than 750 people at various venues in the state, including Belmontand Saratoga Racetracks, Adelphi University and C.W. Post College. The Society has been providing this service since 1980 to raise awareness of the importance of regularly-scheduled check-ups, including oral cancer screenings.

Dr. Trager screens a C.W. Post University student at their Student Center.



Dr. Trager stands (second to left) with other Nassau County Dental Society Committee members at C.W. Post University’s Student Center.



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Dr. Trager attends a plethora of dental meetings such as the Annual American Dental Association meeting, The Greater New York Dental Meeting and The Greater Long Island Dental meeting and various others in an effort to remain current with the latest dental technology.  Dr. Trager also attends lectures and courses on cutting edge dental technology.  Dr. Trager has numerous fellowships including the Academy of General Dentistry, The American College of Dentists, The International College of Dentists and Academic and Honorary Fellowship in the American Academy of Oral Medicine, The Long Academy of Odontology and The Pierre Fauchard Academy.

• Oral cancer.
• Gum disease, receding gums, tooth decay and hot/cold sensitivity.
• Bad breath.
• Lengthier healing following dental surgery.
• Diminished sense of taste and smell.
• Reduced success with periodontal treatments.
• Greater risk of tooth loss.
• Lower chance of dental implant success.
Smoking also takes a toll on your outward appearance,
in many cases aging you prematurely. Smoking will:
• Darken your teeth. Once tobacco stains seep into the
pores of your teeth, no amount of cleaning will help.
You’ll need to have your teeth professionally whitened,
or even consider the application of porcelain veneers
to cover up the deep stains.

• Create a “long in the tooth” appearance. Smokers experience an increased risk of the formation of calculus, which can lead to deep pockets between teeth and gums. These pockets let in bacteria that can destroy tissue and bone, making teeth look longer while also contributing to potential tooth loss.
• Wrinkle your skin. Smoking reduces collagen formation in the face while nicotine reduces skin
thickness, resulting in reduced skin elasticity and the appearance of premature aging.
We’d be happy to support you in your plans to quit smoking. In the meantime, please come in and let us evaluate your dental condition, conduct an oral cancer exam and suggest ways to halt the effects of tobacco on your oral and overall health.