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Professional Tooth-Filling Procedure In JFK-LGA Dentist, New YorkYou discover that you need a filling, whether from a sudden toothache or during one of your routine dental visits at a dentist in Queens. Don’t panic. It’s not the end of the world. You may have had many years in between fillings and your memory of it is quite hazy.

This post will tell you all you need to know. Here is what to expect from a cavity-filling procedure.

The Tooth Filling Process

Once the dentist has determined that there is a cavity that needs to be filled, either via an exam or that has been spotted in an X-Ray, then they will go ahead and fill it. It’s a very fast procedure that has been refined over the decades to become routine.

First, the dentist will numb the area around the tooth with novocaine. Then they will clean out the tooth of all decay by using a drill. Once that is complete and it has been ascertained that the tooth is indeed free of decay, they will fill it, though if it is a deep cavity, then they may line the hole with resin or glass to protect the tooth’s nerve. Then they fill it with one of the following materials found below.

What Types of Dental Fillings Are There?

You will be presented with several types of dental fillings. Some depend on where you are going to have the filling and also what your budget is like. They include:

Gold Fillings

These are durable and can look good. They are more expensive and can require more visits. Also, there should not be a silver filling next to a gold one – it can cause a shock… though it is rare.

Silver Fillings

These are also quite strong, but they don’t look as good as gold and can destroy other tooth structures

Tooth-Colored Composites

People like the fact that these can blend in with their teeth. They are not as durable, though.

If you do choose a tooth-colored filling, then you may have to wait a bit longer as the Queens dentist uses a special light to harden the material as it is applied layer by layer. Then they need to sculpt it and polish it.

Are Dental Amalgams The Best Option?

If you are having work done on a back tooth, one where there is a lot of bite force, then yes, the dental amalgam would be the best one to choose from. The composite one would be the better one if you are having a front tooth filled. You may also want to ask about crowns or inlays if you are worried about the aesthetics of how the filling may look.

Potential Problems & When To Replace A Tooth Filling

The main issue that may present itself is the size of the cavity itself. If it is a large one, then putting in a sizable filling may create stress on the tooth itself. The end result of that may be a cracked tooth, resulting in the need for a crown. The Queens dentist may decide to forgo that, do a root canal and then put a crown on top of the now dead tooth.

Other problems may include tenderness around the tooth, pain from two restorations touching each other, and pain when biting on something. Ultimately, the filling may also deteriorate and possibly fall out, which would necessitate a replacement. If it does deteriorate, that may allow bacteria to get back in and cause more problems, so the dentist will always check on the state of your fillings when you come in for a visit.
Happy Woman After A Cavity-Filling Procedure In New York
Having a cavity filled used to be a cause of dread in earlier years, but now dental technology and medication has made it quite routine. Patients often go back to work the same day and have few, if any side effects. They can usually eat the same things they did in the past, though early on they might want to avoid things like hard candy. If any problems present themselves, go back to the dentist as quickly as possible.

Best of all? People usually won’t even notice that you had a cavity filled. The material used now can match tooth color and are mercury-free. It typically just requires one visit and you can go back to enjoying your life again.

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