Budget Friendly Dental Tips

What Else Can I Do Besides-Brushing Teeth to Cut Dental CostsTimes are tough now. Many families are feeling budget constraints that are even tighter than they were previously. Things are being cut from budgets left and right and people are monitoring every dollar and cent that goes out. That means that there’s really no room for things like emergency dental work. A throbbing tooth can be a nightmare for one’s bank account.

The previous safeguards are not as strong as they used to be. Dental insurance seems to be covering fewer and fewer things over the years. It seems like their budgets are set for what things would cost thirty years ago… and have not adjusted upward. They have a maximum amount that they will pay for a procedure, and the rest will fall upon the patient. That can be disastrous in these times. Even a single crown can be too much.

There are ways to be resourceful, though. People can do things at home with their oral health to give them a much better chance of not having to shell out money for an emergency. This is going to go beyond the conventional wisdom of simply brushing one’s teeth twice a day and flossing and using mouthwash. That should be in their routine to begin with.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it’s a start toward budget-friendly dental tips.

Eat The Right Foods

Sugary foods are so delicious, aren’t they? They are also so cheap, too. Still, it’s best to find other bargain foods that are healthy and won’t damage one’s teeth. Sugars start attacking the enamel teeth the very second that one takes a bite. If one has to have some, they should do it in moderation. It’s important they brush their teeth right afterwards or at least drink some water to wash away the sugar film.

Fruits can be nutritious, but some of them are acidic, like citrus fruits. Like the sugary food, people need to make sure that they rinse it off very quickly with a tooth brush or water. There are foods that have vitamin C, phosphorus, and calcium. Those will strengthen both teeth and gums and give one a better chance of not having any dental emergencies.

Drink The Right Drinks

Of course, people like to drink when they eat. Sodas can be so refreshing, especially when it is a hot day. But many of them have an incredible amount of sugar in them and like candy, that sugar starts targeting teeth with the very first swallow… and keeps attacking for 20 minutes. Having multiple sodas leads to a very lengthy attack on one’s teeth.

While water is the best option, most people like things with taste to it. But red wine can stain their teeth. If one must have to have the above, they should at least have a cup of water to rinse everything out afterwards. But they should stay hydrated – a dry mouth is also a prime site for bacteria to flourish.

Only Use Teeth For Chewing Food

This may seem like an odd bit of advice, but people do a lot of strange things that can damage their teeth. They can chew on pen caps. Is a plastic bag of snacks not opening? Hello, teeth. No. They made scissors for a reason. The ensuing result can be chipped or stained teeth.. and not even teeth repair kits can save it. There’s no need to have to go to a dentist for an emergency repair – just avoid doing the above things.

People need to learn this at an early age. Nail-biting or chewing should also be discouraged. It can damage both teeth and leave one with nails that look very ragged. Not the best image, especially when possibly meeting someone for the first time.

Ask About Anesthesia Options

This can be something that may drive up procedure costs. Dentists do have topical anesthesia that can numb the gum area or they can give nitrous oxide. Everyone has their own pain threshold, though. This might be something that they absolutely need and it’s OK if they do.

Even with these things, sometimes there are still dental emergencies.  Many dentist offices offer financing with procedures and there are also ways to have parts of one procedure done at the end of a year and then the second part done at the beginning of the next one. That way, insurance will cover both. People should not be afraid to talk with their dentist about their budgets – especially at this time of year.

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