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Dr. Robert M. Trager is Celebrating his 30th Anniversary as the Airport Dentist at Both JFK and LaGuardia Airports

Dr. Robert M. Trager is the Airport Dentist at JFK and LaGuardia airports. After thirty years of operating dental practices in New York’s airports, Dr. Robert M. Trager is accepting offers to buy his practice. Dr. Robert M. Trager is the Airport Dentist at both JFK and LaGuardia Airports At 76, after 30 [...]

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Airport Dentist Runs ‘Smile-High Club

Dr. Robert TragerDr. Robert Trager, of East Hills, has run a dental practice at JFK Airport for 30 years. by Chris Adams As the Van Wyck Expressway approaches John F. Kennedy Airport from the north, there’s a curious sign directing traffic to the “JFK Dentist.” Dr. Robert Trager, dentist and East Hills resident [...]

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