When Is a Root Canal Really Necessary?

A woman with toothache in Queens, NY.

You feel pain in your mouth, but is it something that will require a root canal or will something else suffice? While it’s a good idea to see your Queens dentist as soon as possible, it’s also smart to do some research. This post is here to help you in that area.

Read on to learn the answer to the question, “When Is a Root Canal Really Necessary?”.

Severe Toothaches When Eating

This is one of the signs that you really do not want to ignore. Every bite that you take is a painful one and it rapidly diminishes the experience of eating. There is something going on with the root and pulp of your tooth – perhaps a cavity has burrowed so far that it has hit it and that is quite the uncomfortable thing to even try to endure. if you ignore it, you will likely be both in pain and also lose weight – which is NOT the way to go about doing that.

Your Teeth Are Sensitive To Hot Or Cold Foods or Drinks

You take a sip of a cold soda and instantly wince. The same for your taking a bite of a hot meal. This is because the root of your tooth has become exposed and when something hits it, the result is pain. While some tooth sensitivity goes away once you stop eating or drinking the thing that causes the issue, this time it still sticks around, which is a sign that you need to head to your dentist’s office as soon as possible.

Swollen, Sore, & Painful Gums

While this might also be a sign of gum disease, like gingivitis, which is reversible, or periodontitis, which is not, it can also indicate that something is going on in the area of the tooth, with the root, which will require the root canal treatment. Sometimes a gum pimple may show up and then pop, which will create a foul taste in your mouth.

Chipped & Broken Teeth: Bacteria Can Lead To An Infection

This is an important one, since your teeth help keep bacteria out of your gums. If you chip or break your teeth and do not get it treated, then the bacteria can invade the tooth, and then cause problems with the root, especially with an infection. If the infection takes hold, then rapidly spread throughout your jaw. The root canal can prevent that from happening, and the crown that is placed over the now dead tooth will protect the chipped or broken tooth.

Tooth Discoloration

A man with toothache in Queens, NY.Yes, this can occur for another reason, like you enjoy foods and beverages that might stain your teeth. Those include red wine, berries, coffee, and dark sodas. Those can be cleaned, though, or whitened. This is a situation where the tooth has become dark and there is no explanation, then it would be an indication that the nerve space in the tooth has been affected and the root canal would be necessary.

There are a couple of other things to be on the lookout for, like a lesion or an abscess on your gums. Your face or your neck might have some swelling, which might not always indicate something dental-related, but if you go to a doctor and they see something on the X-ray, they will likely send you to the dentist. Your dentist will also likely take one themselves just to be sure that you need the root canal.

Thanks to improvements in dental technology and anesthesia, getting a root canal is not to be dreaded like it was in decades past. When people recall getting one, they most likely are remembering the pain that they felt before the procedure – most compare it to being no worse than having a cavity filled.

If you feel any of the above symptoms or see a particular sign, do not hesitate to call your Queens dentist. The situation can rapidly worsen if you try to wait it out to see if it could improve or go away. The infection could spread to other teeth and require very expensive dental work. Being proactive is the best thing to do here. You will likely only require one visit for the treatment and one, maybe two, for the crown work. Then you can go about enjoying your life again.

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