Aching Teeth: Common Symptoms, Causes & How To Relieve Pain Fast

A girl having a toothache in Queens, NYMany Queens, NY residents find themself with severe tooth pain. They need to see an area dentist quickly. But what is causing the problem. Here are some things they need to know about aching teeth: common symptoms, causes & how to relieve pain fast.

What Are The Symptoms Of Toothaches?

The first thing that they notice is the pain. It may be sharp or it may be constant. They may only feel it if they bite down on something. There may be a foul taste in their mouth from something draining. One may have a fever or a headache or both. Swelling around the tooth may occur. Bad breath may happen. It’s important to not ignore these, since it can progress to something worse and require even more expensive care.

Possible Causes Of Throbbing Tooth Pain

Here are some of the reasons why one might be having pain in their teeth:

Dental Cavities Or Tooth Decay

People get cavities if bacteria breaks down the enamel of one’s tooth and then begin burrowing into the dentin. Then it can hit a nerve in the tooth, which causes the pain. The treatment can consist of fillings, if the cavity is not deep, or a root canal, if it has reached the nerve or the pulp.

Gum Infections (Gingivitis)

If one sees that their gums are irritated and bleeding, chances are good that they have gingivitis. The good news about gingivitis is that it is reversible. All one has to do is resume their good brushing and flossing habits. Otherwise, they risk the gingivitis becoming something irreversible -periodontitis. Then that will require dental intervention and treatment.

Cracked Or Fractured Teeth

This can happen for a variety of reasons, including biting down on a piece of hard candy or food, or from a fall. Whatever the case, it’s going to require a New York dentist to look at it. Ultimately, it may turn out that a crown is needed to protect the tooth.

Having An Abscessed Tooth

Here is when a tooth develops a pocket of pus, which can be found at various angles on the tooth. People develop bad breath, pain, and a fever. It has to be taken care of or it can affect other parts of the head and neck. The dentist will have to drain the abscess and a root canal might be necessary.

Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

There are times that people grind their teeth… most often while they sleep, but they can also do it when they are stressed about something. This can weaken the structure of the tooth and possibly lead to a cracked tooth. The most common sign is waking up with a sore jaw. A Queens dentist can make a mouthpiece that keeps the upper and lower teeth from touching while one sleeps, which then eliminates the teeth grinding.

Problems With Erupting Wisdom Teeth

People often have four wisdom teeth hiding in their mouth, waiting to erupt. They emerge around one’s late teens or early twenties and they can be painful, either from their cutting through the gums or causing overcrowding in the mouth. The dentist will extract the tooth and the recovery should take no more than a week, if one follows directions.

Go To an Emergency Dentist In Case The Pain Is Severe

Woman having a toothache due to an eruption of a wisdom teeth in Queens, NYSwift action is the best thing for anyone who has tooth pain, whether it is caused by any of the above. It would probably be best to seek out emergency dental care if the pain is very severe… and it can keep the problem from getting so bad that it causes looser or lost teeth. The faster the dentist can see what the problem is, the quicker they can go about fixing it.

One can apply numbing gel around the tooth if it is not loose. Pain relievers like Tylenol are OK, but aspirin should be avoided if there is bleeding. Hurry to the dentist, whether it’s a regular one or an emergency dentist.

Tooth pain can be scary, but as long as people keep a level head and seek immediate help from a dental professional, then things should be able to be resolved. Then it’s a matter of diligently sticking to an oral hygiene regimen.

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