Expert Dentist’s Recommendations For Strong & Healthy Teeth In New York

Expert Dentist's Recommendations For Strong & Healthy Teeth In New York

Cavities are no fun, whether they are first discovered in the early stages or the decay has become so bad that you may wind up needing a root canal to stop any pain. But it can be surprisingly simple to keep yourself from having to face this scenario.

In order to help you keep your teeth healthy, it’s important that you learn the possible causes of cavities & how to prevent them.

Here is an expert dentist’s recommendations for strong & healthy teeth in New York:

A Poor Oral Hygiene Routine Can Lead To Tooth Decay & Gum Disease

Cavities start when food particles get stuck on parts of your teeth and you don’t clean them off. The bacteria will attack the enamel, which is the outer part of your teeth and then once that defense is gone, then it breaks down the dentin of your tooth. This is a cavity. Here are ways that you can prevent that from happening.

  • Brush & Floss Your Teeth Everyday

    This is the most important part of ensuring that you do not get cavities. Brush your teeth either with an electric or manual toothbrush and make sure that you spend 30 seconds apiece in each quadrant of your mouth. Then floss once, preferably before bed. That will get rid of any food particles in between your teeth that your toothbrush did not get.

  • Rinse With Mouthwash

    Doing this can also be a big part of keeping your mouth cavity-free. Get a mouthwash that has fluoride in it. There are ones that are made to keep working on your mouth as you sleep. This will also help you wake up with a fresher feeling mouth and stave off morning breath.

  • Consider Dental Sealants For Cavity Prevention

    This may be an option for your child once they have gained their adult teeth. By doing this you can possibly reduce the risk of getting cavities in half. On the negative side, sealants for children can fail and by the time this is discovered, the decay may be at the root and pulp which will then necessitate a root canal.

Acidic Foods & Drinks Cause Tooth Erosion

While certain foods and drinks can be quite delicious, they can also have acidic properties. Citrus can wind up damaging your teeth if you are not careful. That’s because the acid can remain on your enamel and consistently attack it to cause erosion.

The way to avoid any problems here is to make sure that you have some water to help rinse off the acid and keep it from sitting on your teeth for long periods of time. The same goes for sugary drinks. Have a bottle of water nearby and drink from that too. You brush your teeth roughly 20 minutes later since the food and drink can actually soften the enamel and have you do damage.

Not Getting Your Annual Dental Checkup

This is a very important one. You must see your Queens dentist at least twice a year. That way the staff can monitor the state of your teeth and likely catch any gum disease in its early stages. You may think that you are taking proper care of your teeth and you don’t need to see a dentist. That is not the case since problems can lurk under your gums and you might not feel it until things get to an irreversible stage.

If you do wind up missing your checkup and the NYC dentist finds that you have gum disease, they may want you to come every three months until they feel that your oral health is back under control. Otherwise you risk backsliding and getting even worse gum disease that might necessitate a lot more than fillings. Losing teeth can be a very real possibility.

Essential Tips To Avoid Tooth Decay

Professional Queens Dentist Checking For Dental CariesThe main thing that you can do is follow the advice above about flossing and brushing your teeth every day. One of the only times that you might not be in total control of whether you get cavities or not is if you wear braces and have a limited amount of space that you can get to when brushing and there may be something happening under the braces.

Besides that exception, it’s really not that hard to make sure you can maintain a strong oral routine. It’s really a matter of spending 10 minutes a day in the bathroom with a toothbrush and dental floss to keep yourself out of that dental chair. When you break down how much time you spend on certain things each day, that is really not a huge time commitment. Keeping your teeth healthy will give you a real reason to smile.

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