Why Have My Teeth Suddenly Become Sensitive?

A woman with severe tooth pain due to teeth sensibility in Queens, NY.

You grab your favorite hot or cold beverage and take a swallow. Ouch! There is tooth sensitivity. Now it hurts to do what you have routinely done in the past – drink something. What causes it? It certainly is not fun to have to put up with. Can anything be done to remedy some of the situation? Will you have to see a Queens dentist?

Don’t worry. We are here to help. Read on to learn the answer to the question: “Why Have My Teeth Suddenly Become Sensitive?”

Gum Recession Or Gingival Recession

Your gums can recede for several reasons. You might sleep with your mouth open, which can ultimately wind up causing your gums to recede. It may be hereditary, as it can be something that is passed down from generation to generation. That is not your fault, and your dentist may keep an eye on it. Lastly, it can be caused due to not brushing your teeth properly.

Once the gum has receded past a certain point, it will expose the root of the tooth. That will cause you to feel sensitivity to either hot or cold things. There are toothpastes that are made for sensitive teeth. Your dentist may also try to fix the situation with open flap surgery and root planing, trying to regenerate the gum tissue or doing a gum graft.

Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

You wake up each morning with a sore jaw. That is usually a sign that you are grinding your teeth at night, which can do more than just leave you with tired jaw muscles. You can damage your teeth and also leave them open to becoming sensitive over the course of time. This is not a situation where you want to linger for a long period.

By grinding your teeth at night when you sleep, you can weaken the structure of your teeth, which can then lead to cracking. That, in turn, will expose more of the root and create sensitivity. If none of the teeth are damaged, then your Queens dentist will likely give you a mouthguard to keep your upper and lower teeth apart. That way, there will be no bruxism. If one or more are cracked, then you may need a crown or two.

Using The Wrong Teeth Whitening Products

There are a lot of tooth-whitening products available for over-the-counter use. They range from single-use toothbrushes to whitening toothpaste to whitening strips. People can expect faster results for some of them while others take a longer time to give them the shade of white that they want. They can also possibly cause you to get sensitive teeth.

It is not necessarily the wrong teeth whitening product, it can just be a side effect. Some people may develop sensitivity when things like whitening strips are used due to the amount of time that they wear the strip. They might need to shorten how long they wear it or find a different alternative. Otherwise, they risk the sensitivity becoming even more pronounced.

Acidic Foods Can Cause Enamel Loss

A woman grinding her teeth (bruxism) in Queens, NY

While these foods can be delicious, you are also putting your teeth at risk. It is not only candy, which is one of the usual suspects. There are some of them that can also be deemed as being healthy overall. They include:

  • Wine
  • Fruit juice
  • Fruits
  • Stomach Acid

Citrus fruits have acid that can really wear down your enamel. If you have sugary foods, the sugar will attack your teeth for a long time if you don’t brush your teeth fairly soon afterward. You don’t have to give them up completely. The key to this is to have them in moderation… or in the case of stomach acid, there are medications that can help you keep it in check. Also, you can drink a lot of water as well alongside it, since that will help keep your teeth clean.

Your teeth can become sensitive for a number of reasons, but it can be managed by doing the above things. You also need to have a good oral hygiene routine to ensure that your teeth and gums are in great shape. Then you can go out and enjoy life without having to worry about tooth sensitivity.

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