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When a tooth has a severe injury or a deep and large area of decay, a root canal treatment may be an ideal course of action in order to save the tooth. Root canal procedures take two to three visits over the course of a few days or weeks. People who need root canals Queens, NY, can have peace of mind in knowing that there is a dentist in the neighborhood offering this important type of emergency dental care.

What a Root Canal Is

A root canal treatment is a procedure to remove the damaged or infected pulp of the tooth. The pulp is located in the tooth’s roots. Teeth may have two to four roots with damaged pulp. After the dentist removes the infected or damaged pulp, the root chamber is cleaned and disinfected of bacteria. The empty space is filled with a bonding material, and then the tooth is sealed to keep any other bacteria out of the root chambers.

What to Expect from a Queens Root Canal Treatment

A temporary filling is placed over the tooth in order to stabilize it until a permanent crown can be made at a dental lab. After root canal therapy is complete, most patients will need a crown to protect the remaining tooth structure. In most cases, the root canal therapy is completed in one or two visits, and the fitting of the crown takes place at a separate visit.

Who Might Need a Root Canal

The dentist may recommend a root canal for a person who has had a severe injury to the tooth. If the tooth’s roots are shifted or damaged from a blow to the face, the root canal treatment allows the person to keep the tooth. The dentist may also recommend root canal therapy for a severe cavity that has made its way to the tooth pulp. If an infection of the pulp is not treated, it could cause the infection to spread into the gums and jaw bone.

Getting Root Canals Queens, NY

People who work in North Queens benefit from the convenience of getting La Guardia root canals. The JFK root canals are convenient for those in South Queens. With La Guardia root canals in North Queens or JFK root canals, a person could have an appointment before or after his or her work shift. Appointments are available from the early morning through the early evening hours, allowing North and South Queens residents to fit their oral health care treatments into their busy work schedules. Dental pain and infections could be distracting, especially for people who work long hours or have a long commute.

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