Dr. Robert M. Trager with the NYPD talking about Drug Free World

Dr. Fialkoff: It's Dr. Bob Trager. Dr. Trager: Hello. Dr. Fialkoff: He actually, and I'll go say it to you, but just so you know. He was president of Queens County Dental Society. He's been president of Nassau County Dental Society. And he's been involved on a national level, so there you go. Dr. Trager: [...]

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Can Dental Sealants Save Our Children’s Teeth?

How dental sealants can be an investment in a child’s future It is said that children are our future and it is true enough. Investing in their future, therefore is an investment in our own. Closer to home, you want children to have as bright a future as possible and a bright smile to go [...]

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2 Tooth Trauma Treatment Tips

How to get around barriers to expedited treatment of tooth trauma When experiencing any type of trauma from accident or injury, getting help seems simple: get to the nearest ER. When it comes to gun and tooth injuries such as lost, loosened or cracked tooth, gum trauma and other emergency dental issues, it often may [...]

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6 Smile Statistics Showing Success

6 Ways a Smile Can Make or Break Your Success We live in an age of image and appearances. We always want to look our best, especially for that special interview, date or meeting. Dressing fashionably correct, however, can only take you so far. For one other statistically-important factor remains: an amazing smile. Let's face [...]

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What Is Novocain?

While we have all heard of Novocain, what is it? In getting any type of dental procedure, it is not uncommon to wonder whether there will be pain or discomfort. Fortunately, local anesthetics can account for this and make us feel at ease. Perhaps the most famous of all is Novocain. And, although some may [...]

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Dr. Robert M. Trager is Celebrating his 30th Anniversary as the Airport Dentist at Both JFK and LaGuardia Airports

Dr. Robert M. Trager is the Airport Dentist at JFK and LaGuardia airports. After thirty years of operating dental practices in New York’s airports, Dr. Robert M. Trager is accepting offers to buy his practice. Dr. Robert M. Trager is the Airport Dentist at both JFK and LaGuardia Airports At 76, after 30 [...]

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Airport Dentist Runs ‘Smile-High Club

Dr. Robert TragerDr. Robert Trager, of East Hills, has run a dental practice at JFK Airport for 30 years. by Chris Adams As the Van Wyck Expressway approaches John F. Kennedy Airport from the north, there’s a curious sign directing traffic to the “JFK Dentist.” Dr. Robert Trager, dentist and East Hills resident [...]

December 15th, 2016|2 Comments

General Dentistry for Travelers via JFK, Laguardia

General dentistry need not be neglected when travelling through JFK or Laguardia   Busy travelers tend to have little time for many things. Some more innocuous than others. Neglect of general dentistry, even routine procedures, however, can have devastating effects. Routine exams, dental cleanings, cavity fillings and other procedures neglected can develop into much worse [...]

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JFK’s ‘Smile High Club’ Can Make Your Teeth White In Between Flights

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Believe it or not you can get dental work done during a layover at JFK. On Friday, CBS2’s Jessica Moore met the man behind the ‘Smile High Club.’ Glibert Brown knows the drill, but this is no ordinary dentist appointment. He’s sitting just a few hundred yards from the tarmac at [...]

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