How to get around barriers to expedited treatment of tooth trauma

When experiencing any type of trauma from accident or injury, getting help seems simple: get to the nearest ER. When it comes to gun and tooth injuries such as lost, loosened or cracked tooth, gum trauma and other emergency dental issues, it often may take more effort to avoid a total loss. With emergency departments strewn at peak times with cardiac, pulmonary and orthopedic diagnoses as a priority, dental injuries can take a back seat, with a long wait just to get triaged. With rising numbers of ER dental cases, it would be good to know a couple of tips to handle injuries of the teeth and gums.

How much time do you have after injury?

Dentist TreatmentThis largely depends upon the nature of the injury. So before deciding what to do, a basic knowledge of what constitutes an emergency, where precious minutes can mean the difference between keeping or losing a tooth or permanent damage being done.

While you should always consult an emergency physician or dentist in times of crisis, your immediate actions can be governed by a couple of things. A loosened or lost tooth is one such situation in which time is of the essence, where the tooth may not be able to be salvaged. Immediate action is required. Then again, if a tooth is merely cracked, there may be time to make a dental appointment. Again, in any traumatic situation, medical attention should be immediately sought.

Have an emergency dentist plan far in advance of any injury

This little ounce of prevention can really be the poundage of difference when it really counts. And, though the injury may never occur, here is a good insurance policy in the event a dental emergency. Consulting a qualified dental professional during a routine visit can reveal some solid action plans, especially for your locale. Dentists see emergencies all the time and can offer great advice for a set protocol to follow which may save an otherwise unsalvageable injury. Here is an investment even worthy of an appointment with the dentist even for this express purpose.

Take first aid measures while seeking medical attention

Simple first aid can also make a big difference in the outcome of oral trauma situations. Where bleeding occurs, direct pressure still applies to the situation. As for lost teeth, many professionals advise to attempt to place the tooth back into its original socket for the journey to the dentist office or emergency room and, if not possible, to place the tooth into water or milk. Here again, preventive measures taken to self-educate can earn dividends in saved time. It would be worth at least researching first aid options.

A couple of trauma tricks and a good dentist…

Why leave it to figure out when it’s too late? Finding options for emergency dental care now, coupled with education on oral first aid can be the difference between salvage and loss should oral trauma ever occur. Dental professionals are trained and experienced on these situations and have the answers now.

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