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What the Future Holds For Dentistry

It’s always exciting to imagine what the future may hold. The people of the 1950’s envisioned the people of today commuting to and from work in flying cars. They didn’t see them sitting at home telecommuting from a laptop. Still, there have been many improvements in technology over the course of the decades. Those people [...]

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Soda and Teeth

No matter the season, soda never goes out of style. People drink it on sweltering hot days, chilly spring or fall days, or even on bone-chilling winter days ( though those are usually inside while watching a sporting event). Whatever the time of year, they are also possibly damaging their teeth with every sip. Here [...]

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Dental Myths

The internet is full of a lot of untruths. That’s a byproduct of access being granted to anyone with an internet connection. People can create webpages for free… and a lot of them can seem like the real thing. Politics seems to be the main area of a lot of misinformation and downright lies. A [...]

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