Dental Myths with JFK LGA Dentist in Jamaica, NYThe internet is full of a lot of untruths. That’s a byproduct of access being granted to anyone with an internet connection. People can create webpages for free… and a lot of them can seem like the real thing.

Politics seems to be the main area of a lot of misinformation and downright lies. A lot of other topics get this treatment, including the shape of the Earth. That can extend to the dental field.

Despite there being websites dedicated to debunking these false statements, people still cling to them. Perhaps it was because a friend or family member told them otherwise. 

Here are some myths that can possibly seriously damage one’s oral health and also their bank accounts due to emergency work being needed.

Brushing Harder Gets The Best Results

It seems logical, right? A bit of plaque has built up on a person’s teeth. All they have to do is get a sturdy toothbrush and use a vigorous brushing motion to get the plaque off and regain their shiny teeth. Correct?

The opposite will happen. Using a hard brushing motion or a hard-bristled toothbrush will make one’s gums get irritated and possibly bleed. They will also possibly damage their enamel. Hygienists and dentists can usually spot this as being a telltale sign that the patient tried to make it appear as if they were keeping up with their regular dental routine.

Patients can use a soft-bristled brush, either manual or electric, and just focus on each quadrant of their mouth for 30 seconds, not brushing too hard. The electric toothbrush usually gets the best results.

Avoid Brushing or Flossing Bleeding Gums

The sight of blood when brushing one’s teeth or while flossing can be quite off-putting. Ideally, one should leave their teeth alone until the bleeding stops, right? It’s just like a cut elsewhere that needs to heal.

That would be the worst strategy, since it would allow gum disease or infection to set in. Once that happens, it’s a swift path to tooth decay and loss. Then a lot of dental work will be needed.

One should keep brushing and flossing their teeth. After several more days, the bleeding should get more scant and eventually stop altogether. Then the teeth and gums will look as healthy as ever.

Brushing and Flossing Mean Fewer Appointments

The problem with this thinking is that dentists look for far more than just cavities during a check-up. They check the whole mouth for changes and test for oral cancers, which can go undetected otherwise. Skipping appointments can be very dangerous.

It’s very important to stay alert and on top of what is correct and what is a myth. One only gets two sets of teeth in their lifetime – as opposed to a shark who are constantly losing and growing new teeth. Once an adult tooth is gone, only a denture or dental implant can replace it. 

Dr. Robert M. Trager has heard nearly every myth in the book over the course of his career. He will gladly guide patients the right way at their next check-up. Give him a call at 718-656-4747.