Are Retainers Really Necessary When You Finish Your Orthodontic Treatment?

A woman using Essix retainers in Queens, NY

You have either had your braces removed by a Queens dentist or finished up your regimen of wearing Invisalign. No more having to come in to have the wires tightened or putting a new tray in your mouth, right? Not quite. Your dentist or orthodontist will likely tell you that you need a retainer to keep your straight teeth looking good after that.

Do you really have to, though? What would be the harm in not doing it? Read on to learn the answer to the question: “Are Retainers Really Necessary When You Finish Your Orthodontic Treatment?”

Teeth Have a Natural Tendency To Misalign

You don’t want to undo all of the work that the braces or Invisalign did by not wearing a retainer. It’s possible to do that for roughly a year, since your teeth will stay straight for that long but then they want to go back to their original position. This will happen with whatever treatment you use.

The retainer is there to keep your teeth in their new position and have your smile looking great. You might need to wear it a lot to begin with but then you can possibly move to only nightly and then every other night. If it starts feeling tight, then you would do well to move back to nightly usage.

How Long Should I Wear Retainers?

You can just wear it sporadically afterward, right? Wrong. You need to consistently use it, since it can either get too tight and uncomfortable or it can get brittle, too. For the best experience, you need to follow your Queens dentist’s instructions.

Ideally, you would wear them for the rest of your life to prevent your teeth from going back to the way they were before you needed braces. This way, you can almost always assure yourself that your teeth will not return to the position they were in that required you to have the orthodontic work in the first place.

Are There Different Types Of Retainers?

Yes, there are a variety of retainers that people can choose from. It can depend on what kind of aesthetic they want and also how often they want the retainers to last. All of them are effective.

Here are the different types:

Permanent Retainers

These are also known as bonded retainers. They consist of a wire that goes around either the back of your upper or lower teeth and are cemented there. You have to carefully brush and floss around them. These last for up to five years.

Hawley Retainers

When people think of retainers, this is the one that usually comes to mind. It’s made of hard plastic and/or acrylic and there is metal wire. The retainer is usually shaped to fit the roof of your mouth. You likely will have to wear this for life when you have finished with your braces.

Essix Retainer

A beautiful smile with Hawley Retainers in Queens, NY.

If you did Invisalign, you will be very familiar with this. This retainer is very similar to that – it’s a series of clear trays that you wear once you finish your other course of orthodontic treatment – either braces or Invisalign. They are custom-made and usually last for roughly three years before you need a new one.

Like Invisalign, retainers need to be constantly monitored, since they can be quite easy to misplace, especially if they are removed when eating in a crowded place like a school cafeteria. Also, it is best to keep them in a protective case when not in use and also away from pets, like a dog, who will chew everything.Otherwise, it can wind up costing money for a replacement.

While it may seem like an inconvenience, especially after you spent all that time with braces, it’s important to consistently wear it. Once it reaches the point where you wear it at night, then it almost becomes an afterthought as part of your bedtime, like brushing, flossing, and then putting the retainer in. Then you can sleep easy, knowing that you are maintaining that great smile of yours.

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