Professional Dentists Share All You Need To Know About Clear Braces For Your Orthodontics

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You want to straighten your teeth and you decided to get braces over something like a clear aligner. Now, after seeing a Queens dentist, you are faced with a choice – should you get ceramic braces or metal ones? Each, while being almost certain to get your mouth into the shape that you want, do have their own individual pros and cons.

Read on to learn the advantages of ceramic braces to straighten your teeth. To help you figure this out, professional dentists share all you need to know about clear braces for your orthodontics.

What Are The Differences Between Ceramic & Metal Braces?

When your dentist puts metal braces on, they use metal brackets, which uses stainless steel as its material. They couple this with a thin metal wire which runs parallel to your teeth and rubber bands, which guides the teeth to their correct place. Metal braces also can take a lot more pressure when it comes to bite force.

Ceramic braces are made of a ceramic material, hence its name. The dentist will thread those brackets with a white archwire and the bands that they use are clear, which makes for a nearly invisible experience, only becoming noticeable if someone gets very close to you.

Reasons To Choose Ceramic Braces

  • Less Painful

    When your dentist or orthodontist in NYC puts on your ceramic braces, while the brackets are a bit larger than metal ones, their material is not as unforgiving as the stainless steel. There may be some initial discomfort as your mouth gets used to the new addition – that will be true in either case – but you will adapt pretty quickly. The ceramic ones are generally less painful.

  • Improve Your Teeth Aesthetics

    There are some people who don’t like the look of metal braces. They dislike having a shiny notice to people that they are, indeed, wearing braces. Ceramic braces, on the other hand, are much less noticeable. This can give people confidence to wear them and be a lot
    less reluctant to smile.

  • Ceramic Braces Are Durable & Tough

    When you think of ceramic things, you tend to visualize something breakable. That’s not the case with these ceramic braces. They are actually quite rugged, having been made to withstand a good amount of pressure. While they are strong, if you were a boxer or a football player, you would want metal braces. Of course, you want to ensure that your dentist or orthodontist in NYC is getting quality material for these ceramics, too.

  • It Doesn’t Cause Gum Irritation

    One of the main complaints about metal braces is that they can wind up cutting and irritating your gums. Ceramic braces, on the other hand, are much less prone to causing this. This alone can make people feel much more comfortable wearing them over metal ones.

Use a Teeth Care Routine To Maintain Your Ceramic Braces Clearness

This is a big part of your day-to-day routine with the ceramic braces. While they are clearer and more discreet than the metal braces, they can be more prone to getting stained due to certain food or drinks over the course of time. This was more of an occurrence in the early days, but even with new material it is a remote possibility. That means you need to be extra diligent when you brush your teeth, since that can help keep the braces looking exactly how you want.

Your routine also includes avoiding certain things like chewing gum or other sticky foods. That will be the case whether you get ceramic or metal braces. If you do, you will find yourself back in the dentist’s chair sooner than later and it can be a costly repair.

Another factor that may play in your decision is the cost. Ceramic braces do tend to be more expensive than metal ones. Dentists and orthodontists in NYC do often have financing options available so that you won’t have a huge lump sum to pay at once and you can work around your budget.

Ask a Qualified Queens Dentist If You Can Use Clear Braces As An Orthodontic Treatment

A Qualified Dentist Explaining His Client If She Can Use Clear Braces As An Orthodontic Treatment In New York

It all comes down to your own personal preferences. Do you care if your braces are noticeable or not? What kind of lifestyle do you live? If you are active in sports, then metal braces might be the best option. Before making a decision, have an in-depth conversation with your dentist or orthodontist. They will tell you if ceramic braces are the best option for you or not. Then you can go about getting a strong smile.

Ask a qualified dentist if you can use clear braces as an orthodontic treatment. Dr. Robert M. Trager of JFK-LGA Dentist will gladly examine your mouth and make recommendations on whether you need braces or not. Give him a call today at 718-656-4747 to make an appointment to start the process of getting your smile back.


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