New York’s Expert Dentists Explain Which Orthodontic Treatment Is Better For Teeth Alignment

A Girl Getting The Perfect Smile With Braces In New YorkYou may have noticed it yourself – your teeth are out of alignment. Perhaps you have an overbite that you want to correct. Your mouth may be overcrowded. What can you do? There are a couple of choices – either braces or clear aligners.

Now you are left with the question: Braces vs Clear Aligners: What Is The Best Option For Teeth Straightening? Fortunately for you, New York’s trusted dentists explain which orthodontic treatment is better for teeth alignment.

The Benefits Of Braces

For those who are not initiated, braces are when the orthodontist or dentist glues a bracket on the front of each tooth and then puts a wire through the brackets. Then, over a period of time, they will tighten the wire to push the teeth into their proper position. There are some choices here:

Metal Braces Or Ceramic Braces?

Metal braces are more sturdy, but they are also more visible. Ceramic braces are much less visible but they are also more prone to possibly breaking. You have to decide which would be a better trade-off for you in the long run. They can also stain much easier than the metal braces. The metal braces are less expensive.

Lingual Braces

These are braces that go behind the teeth. People who are candidates for braces may opt for these if they don’t want them to be visible to others. It depends on if one has a strong overbite, though. That can cause problems. They tend to be more expensive since it is a more delicate procedure to put them on. People also have their speech patterns affected initially since their tongue will be hitting the braces.

The Benefits Of Invisible Aligners: Invisalign

This is a process where the patient has a series of mouthguards, also known as trays, made. They wear them for up to 20 hours a day and replace them with the next in the series every two weeks or so. The trays guide the teeth into their proper place. The biggest company is Invisalign, which will work with an orthodontist’s office, but some people like a mail-in company where they take the impressions for the trays at home. The downside there is that they have to mail trays back if there are problems, while with Invisalign, they can just go to the orthodontist’s office.

One reason that people choose these as opposed to braces is that they are much more discreet. They like the fact that they can change their smile and still be able to appear much more natural than having bands of metal or ceramic showing up on their teeth. An added benefit – they can eat what they want and also brush their teeth like normal. All they do is take the tray out. There are not that many visits in between either.

Things To Consider With These Orthodontic Procedures

Woman Starting An Invisalign Treatment In New YorkThere are downsides to either of them. It just is a matter of what people are willing to put up with and what their situation is. They are going to get results either way – but there are going to be possible pitfalls and annoyances as they go along. It’s always best for them to do research beforehand so that they can prepare themselves in advance and try to plan to avoid some of them.

The biggest annoyance with braces is that they are going to be faced with more limited food choices for a while. They can’t chew gum, too, since those would wind up doing a lot of damage to them and often cause them to have to be re-wired. It can be difficult to properly get all the food out from between the braces – and that can lead to cavities. Also, they will have to go to the orthodontist often to get the braces tightened to keep the teeth shifting into place.

While they do have the ability to take out the aligners to eat your food, they also have to be very careful to not lose it afterward. Think of a high school cafeteria and inadvertently leaving it on a food tray when hastily going to their next class. Also, it’s important to follow the order of the trays because if they miss one tray, it may not be obvious, but as time goes on, then things will get backed up and they may need to have a new set made.

Looking For Orthodontic Services In Queens?

In either case, it’s best to talk with an orthodontist about the options. They will help answer any questions. People know that they want to have the straightest teeth possible and these are the two best solutions. Then they can go get the best smile possible and show it off to their friends and family.

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