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TRANSCRIPT I give out cards whenever I fly. Whenever I go anywhere, I give out my business card. A yeah, two, three years later, somebody come into your office because they keep it. They may not need you now, but it works. So what you got to do is say to yourself, "Let me see what [...]

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TRANSCRIPT But in my case, we're a profession, all right? The only time, this is my personal opinion, I believe in these coupons is if you go to the Stop N Shop, you go to King Cullen, that's where you expect a coupon or a restaurant. We're a profession. You don't see any other profession [...]

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Dr Trager, Ground Marketing, Accept Their Insurance, Fialkoff Study Club

TRANSCRIPT The thing is is try to find yourself an insurance company that you can utilize and market it to the best, and let them know that you can take care of them, that you accept their insurance. Because today, nobody wants to pay anything. Even if it's a $5 copay, they want you to [...]

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Dr Trager, Ground Marketing, Go Where People Are, Fialkoff Study Club

TRANSCRIPT Bob: This is worldwide slide service is JFK. I got their logo, and I handed out flyers, and some big shot said, "Hey, you're stealing our logo." The other big shot says, "Leave him alone. He's my doctor. Don't worry about it," you know, as far as that goes. But what you do is [...]

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Dr Robert Trager the Airport Dentist NYC, Dr Robert M Trager is the JFK Dentist, JFK Administration Building 14 West Wing, Jamaica NY 11430 Phone 718-656-4747 [email protected] Fax 718-656-2614 Dr Robert M Trager is the LGA Dentist, LaGuardia Airport, Central Terminal Building, Room 3636 - West Connector, Flushing NY 11371 Phone 718-656-4747 [email protected] Fax 718-656-2614

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