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Dr Trager, Ground Marketing, Dollar Lottery Ticket, Fialkoff Study Club 12 July 17

TRANSCRIPT You see what that is? Lottery, dollar lottery tickets. That's something I thought about when Ben asked me to do this. Think about it. I give every new patient a dollar lottery ticket. Think about it. A dollar. When they leave, it's a big case, and they've already been a patient, I'll give them [...]

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Dr. Trager, Ground Marketing, That Personal Touch, Fialkoff Study Club 12 July 17

TRANSCRIPT You can see those toothbrushes that says my name, JFK airport. This is what Shine does with Colgate. So I have tons of these that I give out. And believe me, no one ever expects a dentist to give our free toothbrushes and toothpaste. I give these out all the time. And I'll tell [...]

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