You see what that is? Lottery, dollar lottery tickets. That’s something I thought about when Ben asked me to do this. Think about it. I give every new patient a dollar lottery ticket. Think about it. A dollar. When they leave, it’s a big case, and they’ve already been a patient, I’ll give them a dollar lottery ticket. And if you’re referring people, I’m gonna give you another one. Think about it. For a dollar, they scratch it off, and eventually somebody’s gonna win. Whatever it is, they’re gonna tell the whole damn airport. They’re gonna tell all their friends, “My dentist gave me a dollar lottery ticket. Can you believe it? I got $200, $300. My God, I never heard of that.” That’s gonna travel faster than any news. But think about it. You’re doing something that’s unique as far as that goes.

So I love it because it’s cost effective. Instead of putting big ads in and spending all kinds of money, $1 lotto ticket, oh my God, I’ve never heard of that. No one does such a thing like that. It’s just something that came about when it came to marketing, something that’s unique and different. So it’s cost-effective. But it’s just something to think about as far as that goes. Now…
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