General dentistry need not be neglected when travelling through JFK or Laguardia


Busy travelers tend to have little time for many things. Some more innocuous than others. Neglect of general dentistry, even routine procedures, however, can have devastating effects. Routine exams, dental cleanings, cavity fillings and other procedures neglected can develop into much worse problems. Here is why general dentistry “on the road” may be a viable solution. Such is the case with Dr Robert M Trager, DDS and his locations at JFK and Laguardia airports. Keeping good oral health on-the-go is yet possible.


Wait for your flight, not for your dental appointment


Woman at airport needing a dentistWaiting at the airport may be merely uncomfortable but it can be downright devastating when it comes to taking care of that smile. In fact, travel is one of the foremost excuses for not keeping up with routine or even major dentistry and can be considered a cause of worsening conditions. Catching conditions in time, keeping up with routine exams and cleanings has been well-known to be a major preventative measure, paying dividends in overall oral health. While it is easy to resolve make teeth a priority, it is not always easy. Scheduling issues can add months in between those dentist visits. Here is where having a dentist at the airport can come in quite handy.


Boarding call for your procedure


All the hours spent travelling, wasted time accumulates rapidly. Showing up two hours before your flight, time spent in the air, commuting back and forth to airports, nothing very productive is getting done anyway, let alone oral hygiene measures. Having an airport dentist could come in handy in this capacity, making use of the wasted time on the road. A JFK or Laguardia dentist can fulfill routine dentistry needs otherwise neglected due to lack of time. Even more invasive procedures like extractions, fillings and orthodontics can now be provided within the busiest of schedules.

General dentistry at JFK and Laguardia fills otherwise wasted time


While you may have packed the toothbrush and dental floss, your travel schedule may yet be interfering with your oral hygiene. Months and even years of business can “fly on by” without a single visit to the dentist, all because you “had no time” to do so. No more are those days for travelers. Nowadays, the time wasted in commute can be spent in the dental chair for routine and even more invasive procedures. And, better overall oral health through prevention can yet be attained.

Working at or travelling through the most major New York City airports, quality dentistry is now available. Visit Contact Dr Robert M Trager, DDS at one of his airport locations to make that appointment for your next exam, cleaning or procedure and reap the benefits of regular and routine dentistry even on your busy schedule.