6 Ways a Smile Can Make or Break Your Success

We live in an age of image and appearances. We always want to look our best, especially for that special interview, date or meeting. Dressing fashionably correct, however, can only take you so far. For one other statistically-important factor remains: an amazing smile. Let’s face it, being smartly-dressed while holding back from smiling can affect us and others in many ways, as reported by a stunning majority. Here are 6 statistics on smile success.

A terrific smile is the most important feature

According to a recent study, over 1,000 Americans contend that a smile is the most important physical feature. This would make a smile the top feature which contributes to overall attractiveness of men and women alike. Nearly fifty percent of Americans attested to this factor, eyes and overall physique being a distant second. This may be proof positive of the adage that “you’re never fully-dressed without a smile.”

Can you smile your way to success?

Smile can make or break successIt turns out that smiles are the foremost factor influencing success for adolescents and adults alike. In fact, more than sixty percent of Americans polled said that a smile has a large impact on a person’s overall success. Those who suffer from untreated tooth decay and orthodontic issues have lower self-esteem. Dental issues can lead to significant decrease of academic and career opportunities.

Not everyone is happy with their smile

Studies show that only sixty five percent of those asked are happy with their smile. This leaves thirty-five percent feeling self-conscious when they smile because of the color, texture, shape or deformities of their teeth. This brings routine, cosmetic and surgical dentistry to the forefront of any plans for success.


No second chance for a first impression

Second date? Apparently, there aren’t any second chances according to one particular study. It was found that those surveyed about dating indicated that they would not attend a second date with someone who had crooked teeth. So, success, even socially, can play a role.

Sparing no expense for a great smile

In 2016, a walloping $11 billion was spent on teeth whitening alone. This is to say nothing of other cosmetic or reconstructive dentistry and orthodontics. This number far exceeds amounts spent on the barest necessities, further proving its implications on a person’s confidence and its relation to success.

Does your image pay off?

According to one Forbes magazine article, it does pay significantly more. Salaries have been found to be greater for those who have a certain look. Keeping in mind how a smile trumps many other appearance factors, it is clear it is even more important. So, it is even measurable in income.

Getting back that confidence and increasing chances of success

Here are a mere six statistics that show, conclusively, that success and our smiles are not only linked, but are downright dependent on one another. Those surveyed have been quite candid about this fact. Surprisingly, a number of these individuals were unaware that visiting Dr Tragar at either of his JFK and LaGuardia airport locations can improve almost all of these dental issues. Don’t be another statistic. Call Dr Robert M Trager, DDS to schedule your smile consultation and plan your success!