Denture Myths in New YorkThere’s a lot of information out there about dentures… though some of it may be completely wrong. It may come from family and friends or the internet. In any event, one has to weed through it.

It’s important to know exactly what happens when one gets dentures. It can keep you from making a costly mistake… or a possible expensive non-decision.

Here are just some of the myths that are out there about dentures.

You Won’t Have to Go to The Dentist

People tend to think that once they get the dentures, they can just stop going to the dentist. It’s not like there are any more teeth to worry about, right? Well, that’s if they get the full set – they know they need to go back if there are only partials since there are a lot of other teeth involved that still need to be cared for and cleaned.

Still, full sets of dentures need routine dental supervision. That’s because things can still shift underneath, especially as one’s gums heal if extraction was needed. Dentures can need a lot of adjustment, and if left unattended, they can wind up cutting into the gums and subsequently the gums might become infected if the situation is ignored.

So, regular dental visits are essential. He or she has to make sure that the dentures fit properly. They also may need to be relined. 

Dentures Are Long-Lasting

Another misconception is that once someone gets a set of dentures, they will never need another one. While they are fairly durable, they will last only a fraction of the amount of time that dental implants do – 7-10 years as opposed to roughly 25. The dentures wear down, just like regular teeth.

One reason is that the dentures are not made of the same material as the dental implants – and the implants are also anchored in by a screw whereas the dentures are removed nightly. One’s jaw is constantly changing underneath the dentures, too, so that means that new ones need to be made after that timeframe too. 

They Take Forever to Adjust to

There is actually only a relatively short learning curve for most people, even for those who are first-time wearers, They quickly figure out how to hold the dentures in place while speaking and also which side of the mouth is best to chew on. Before long, the whole thing feels like second nature. What helps is an early period when the dentist suggests wearing them all day and night for a little while before starting to remove them in the evening. 

People Can Quickly Spot Them

Dentures have come a very long way – they can be customized to have the same shape and form as the patient’s natural teeth. They can also have the same tooth color. Thus it can be very difficult for many to even be able to tell the difference. Only if they don’t fit properly, which will mean a quick visit to the dentist so that it can be remedied.

The budget dentures, though, are not made of the same material and can be spotted. It all depends on one’s finances, too. There are a lot of people out there with dentures and no one, aside from family or friends, are the wiser about it.

They Can Be Cleaned With Regular Toothpaste

Regular toothpaste can be way too abrasive for the dentures… and the last thing that one wants to do is wear down the dentures. This will necessitate another fitting. Instead, use specifically formulated toothpaste for dentures… and use a soft-bristled brush to clean them off. It’s not something that should be ignored either, since bacteria can build up and make them quite unsanitary. 

There are a lot of other myths floating around out there. All it takes is to just research them – reputable sites like the American Dental Association are very effective at refuting them. Getting dentures can be a very rewarding experience. All it takes is a little foreknowledge to prevent any difficulties down the road.

Dr. Robert M. Trager has helped many patients with dentures over the course of his career – and he has also heard nearly every type of myth, too. He will be glad to discuss the entire process during an appointment. Give him a call at 718-656-4747.

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