3 tips for  tooth care  during the holidays

Eating too much holiday food can lead to more than just a bellyache. Too much sugar can wind up damaging your teeth and lead you to having to see a dentist near Queens  earlier than you like. That can be a pain especially if the city has been hit by one of its snow storms. 

So what can you do to avoid problems with those oh-so-tempting candy canes, chocolates, and other goodies? You don’t have to lock them up but there are things that you can put into place to ensure great holidays for you and everyone else around you. 

Here’s how to do the best holiday tooth care

Tips how holiday tooth care near JFK airport NYDrink a Lot of Water

There can be so many tempting things to drink, both hot and cold, whatever the time of year. Soda can seem to go down so smoothly on a scorching day and hot chocolate can warm up the most frigid winter day. But the sugar in them can attack your teeth constantly and also cause plaque to build up on the outside, which can then lead to tartar. 

That’s why your Jamaica, NY general dentist recommends that the best thing to drink after those beverages is water – it can rinse off the bacteria and other things that are besieging the outside enamel. Water is also important in terms of hydrating yourself and can help keep your skin looking and feeling great. Just fill up that cup or bottle with water and help keep your teeth in fantastic shape. 

Eat and Drink In Moderation

You might think that this would be for your overall health, but your teeth can also benefit from not being constantly bombarded. It’s OK to have that candy cane… but not one of those huge ones that take all day. That’s just like going ahead and coating your teeth with the sugar. The same goes for just drinking soda after soda during a party. You don’t give your teeth any respite. 

So get the portion sizes under control. It can be very easy to overeat or overdrink at these gatherings, especially with some family members encouraging it. Have that water nearby to drink and clean out your mouth some. Drinking the water can also be great for your waistline since it has no calories. You can still enjoy the camaraderie with others, but just responsibly. 

Brush and Floss Your Teeth

Tips how holiday tooth care near JFK airport NYYou really need to step up with your brushing and flossing routine during these times. Not that you shouldn’t already be doing a really good job, but if you’re lackadaisical around the holidays, then you could find yourself with more than just a lump of coal in your Christmas stocking. You could wind up needing emergency dental work, which is bound to ruin anyone’s holiday. If this happens to you, visit the Queens emergency dental office, JFK-LGA Dentist.

So now is the time to buckle down and make sure that you brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes at a time. Carefully go over each tooth and each quadrant of your mouth. Electric toothbrushes might be the best thing here – they do the work. Also, floss, since that will get rid of any lingering food particles in between your teeth. Don’t saw up and down like a logger – wrap the floss around the side of the tooth and bring it up. Do each tooth. This should be a five-minute time investment done each day. 

Of course, Christmas food is not the only one that you have to be on the lookout for. All holidays have their own food temptations. Valentine’s Day has its chocolates and other sweets. Easter… Fourth of July… Halloween… and yes, even Thanksgiving. All it really takes is being diligent with the brushing and flossing and also watching the amount that you eat. 

As a trusted general dentistry office in New York, we want you to enjoy the holidays with a great smile. One of the best presents that you can get is a pain-free mouth while still being able to enjoy the foods and drinks around you. Do all of this… while watching the amount you eat to avoid an upset stomach. Then you will be able to go to bed with happy holiday dreams and not worry that you might wake up later with a sore mouth. 

Don’t worry, Dr. Robert M. Trager has seen the effects of holiday eating on many patients’ teeth over the course of his career as a New York general dentist. He can help everyone regain the smile that they deserve and can give advice on how to take care of your teeth. To make an appointment to see Dr. Trager, contact JFK-LGA Dentist today by calling 718-656-4747.

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