Advantages Modern Dental ProceduresThings happen. Sometimes work gets too busy or people fall on hard times and making a dental visit doesn’t become a top priority. So a year or two or more may pass. Then it comes time to make amends and go to the dentist.

They may be in for quite a surprise. Yes, the same dental chair will be there with many of the instruments that they saw on a tray during their last visit. Dental technology continues to advance, though – and the whole process may be easier for everyone involved.

Here are some leaps in dental technology that patients who have been out of the loop for a bit may have to look forward to in terms of making their entire dental experience smoother.

Digital X-Rays

There will be a day when the bitewing X-rays will be a thing of the past. No more having to have cumbersome pieces stuck in one’s mouth. Also, dentists will be rejoicing at not having to put up a blurry X-ray on a light box and trying to suss out the results.

Digital x-rays have entered the field and it is capable of producing high-quality images instantly – while also using a fraction of the radiation that the old machines used. Patients can sit comfortably while this is done.

Lasers to Detect Cavities

It’s a familiar ritual for dental patients: The dentist or hygienist puts a pointed instrument in their mouth and prods each tooth for a second. What they are doing is seeing if it sticks. If it does, that’s usually a sign of tooth decay.

CAD/CAM Technology

When it came to doing things like crowns, it was an onerous task of having to have a mold made of the patient’s tooth and then waiting for it to be sent back from a lab. No more. Now convenience is king. The patient has the tooth measured after it’s been drilled and then a computer with “computer assisted design” and “computer assisted manufacture” technology makes the crown right there.

Other things include veneers that are thinner, which make for more natural-looking teeth. Better bonding material has been created and the material that they use is much closer to being tooth-colored than before.

Dental technology has improved dramatically over the span of the past near-70 years. This is a field where things can only continue to improve. Going to the dentist will be a positive event for everyone involved.

Dr. Robert M. Trager has seen and used many of these advances over the course of his career. He’s always happy to discuss them with patients during their check-ups. People can call him at 718-656-4747.

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