Learn What Dentists Use To Cure Your Teeth And Improve Your Smile

Learn What Dentists Use To Cure Your Teeth And Improve Your SmileThe dental field is far from a stagnant one. There are always things that are being introduced or refined with the goal of improving the experience for both your local Queens dentist and the patient. It all really started about 80 or so years ago with the introduction of toothpaste that was designed to help teeth not get cavities. 

Over that span, we have seen tools and medication both created and used to make dental visits go far more smoothly. What used to be a possibly painful time is now a much smoother one thanks to these leaps and bounds in dental technology. 

Let’s peer into our crystal ball and see what dental trends are coming in 2021?

Robotics Technology & Dental Implants

One of the main areas of dentistry that may benefit from robotics is dental implants. They can make the whole process even more precise when it comes to readying the mouth to the implant itself. It’s not like the dentist is going to be hands-free here – they will be getting help from the robotics. The rate of dental implant failures, including nerve damage, should drastically decrease with this technology. 

The main goal during a Queens dental implant process is accuracy. Robotics can give navigational technology for this surgical procedure that will ensure that the dentist or specialist will be able to target the exact area of the jaw that the titanium screw is going to go and make sure that it is done consistently with each and every patient. This will greatly increase the success rate and make everyone happy. 

Whitening Your Teeth With LED

There are many ways that you can whiten your teeth. It depends on how quickly you want the results. If you have a bit of time, you can always use whitening toothpaste and mouthwash. That takes a few weeks to months because the hydrogen peroxide, which is the main ingredient, spends very little time on your teeth. There are whitening strips, but those can cause tooth sensitivity. High-strength gels are offered in the office. But now there’s another option – LED light. 

No, that doesn’t mean that you can just sit in front of an LED display. There’s dental technology that can whiten your teeth and not require you to have to fill dental trays with gel. It uses a lot less bleach and can speed up the whole process since it works with the peroxide. You can do this with help from your Queens teeth whitening dentist, or with kits at home. Either way, you’re going to get a great smile.

Digital Impressions

Man Receiving A Dental Treatment In JFK-LGA Getting impressions made always feels like a pain. You get this giant wad of material stuck in your mouth for a while and though you sit as still as humanely possibly, you worry about the tiniest shift of your jaw throwing the entire thing askew. It can also make you want to gag. Well, there’s an easier way – digital impressions. It can make the entire experience flow smoothly and you get much more accurate results. 

Your Queens cosmetic dentist will be able to take a digital scan of your mouth and then show you what they see on the computer. This makes it much easier for them to explain what needs to be done. Best of all, it is a comfortable experience. It reduces the margin for error by a large amount. Then you will reap the best results with great fitting crowns or dental implants. 

These are just a few of the things that the dental field has on the horizon for the foreseeable future. Who knows, perhaps these may even seem quaint and dated sooner than later? Whatever the case, there are people always working behind the scenes to make your experience in the dental chair go smoothly and lead you to many years with healthy teeth and gums. 

Many people are looking forward to 2021 for many reasons. These changes can help them look forward to taking care of their teeth and also seeing your general dentist near Queens. On the other side of the chair, anything that can ease the day-to-day workload for the dentist can only make it a more mutually beneficial thing for those that see them. It will be interesting to see how technology continues to progress. 

Dr. Robert M. Trager has seen many dental trends change over the course of his career at JFK-LGA Dentist. He’s always made sure to utilize them the best way and he will continue to work hard to make each visit a good one. If you live in Queens and need a dentist, give him a call at 718-656-4747 to make an appointment today. 


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