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How To Get Over Dental Phobia

There are many reasons why you may have delayed visiting the dentist. You may have moved or started working at a place where you can’t quite find the time to make an appointment. Other things, like a global pandemic, might have had your dental office closed for a while. Then there’s one other thing that [...]

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What Can a Dentist Do for Receding Gums?

It happens when you’re brushing your teeth one day. You glance in the mirror and see more teeth than you normally do. Wait a minute? What’s going on? Weren’t parts of your gums lower than that before? You’re dealing with receding gums. Is this something that you should panic over? Are your gums diseased? Should [...]

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Is there anything else that I can do besides brushing my teeth to cut dental costs?

Budget Friendly Dental Tips Times are tough now. Many families are feeling budget constraints that are even tighter than they were previously. Things are being cut from budgets left and right and people are monitoring every dollar and cent that goes out. That means that there’s really no room for things like emergency dental work. [...]

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Why Are My Gums Bleeding And How Do I Fix It?

You’re brushing your teeth one day (or night) and you happen to glance down at your bristles. Hmm. There’s red on them… and your toothpaste is NOT that color. Spitting into the sink also shows some red… and a look at your gums confirms that they are indeed bleeding. This is usually a sign that [...]

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Preparing To Go To The Dentist

  For some, going to the dentist can create a sense of dread. It can lead to their skipping appointments… or not even making them at all. This is a bad thing since even regular brushing and flossing can’t catch everything that twice-yearly dental cleanings can.  There are steps that you can take to ease [...]

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