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Warning Signs That You May Need a Root Canal Treatment

When Is a Root Canal Really Necessary? You feel pain in your mouth, but is it something that will require a root canal or will something else suffice? While it’s a good idea to see your Queens dentist as soon as possible, it’s also smart to do some research. This post is here to help [...]

2021-09-08T20:15:49-05:00September 6th, 2021|0 Comments

Is It Important To Wear a Retainer After Braces?

Are Retainers Really Necessary When You Finish Your Orthodontic Treatment? You have either had your braces removed by a Queens dentist or finished up your regimen of wearing Invisalign. No more having to come in to have the wires tightened or putting a new tray in your mouth, right? Not quite. Your dentist or orthodontist [...]

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Recommended Treatments For a Periapical Abscess

What To Do When You Have a Periapical Tooth Abscess In New York Does your mouth hurt? Do you have a bitter taste in it? You may have a periapical abscess, which is when pus gathers at the root of your tooth. If you leave it alone, you could possibly risk having problems in other [...]

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What Is Teeth Contouring?

Everything You Need To Know About Teeth Reshaping Treatments You are unhappy about an aspect of your smile, and when you see your dentist in Queens, they may suggest something called “tooth recontouring” - they may also call it “tooth reshaping”, or “tooth slenderizing”. These terms all mean the same thing. But… What is it [...]

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Severe Tooth Pain: What Causes Toothaches?

Aching Teeth: Common Symptoms, Causes & How To Relieve Pain Fast Many Queens, NY residents find themself with severe tooth pain. They need to see an area dentist quickly. But what is causing the problem. Here are some things they need to know about aching teeth: common symptoms, causes & how to relieve pain fast. [...]

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Getting Braces As An Adult: What Are My Options?

What Are The Different Types Of Braces? You look in the mirror and you decide that you don’t like the state of your teeth. They may be too crooked or you may have a gap between your two front teeth… and you’re too old to be spitting water out of that gap. So you want [...]

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Advantages Of Ceramic Braces To Straighten Your Teeth

Professional Dentists Share All You Need To Know About Clear Braces For Your Orthodontics You want to straighten your teeth and you decided to get braces over something like a clear aligner. Now, after seeing a Queens dentist, you are faced with a choice - should you get ceramic braces or metal ones? Each, while [...]

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Possible Causes Of Cavities & How To Prevent Them

Expert Dentist's Recommendations For Strong & Healthy Teeth In New York Cavities are no fun, whether they are first discovered in the early stages or the decay has become so bad that you may wind up needing a root canal to stop any pain. But it can be surprisingly simple to keep yourself from having [...]

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