Everything You Need To Know About Dental Implants

Dental technology has made dental implants become more and more commonplace. They have a very high success rate and as time goes by, it’s going to be an option for more and more people. But how much do you know about them? First, the basic stuff - the dentist or specialist will do a thorough [...]

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What Goes On During a Dental Visit?

It’s time to go to the dentist… but what exactly happens? Like being the passenger in a car, it’s easy to gloss over what occurs. It’s good to be prepared, though, whether you’re an adult or child.  Here is what happens during a routine dental visit.  Starting Off Once the small talk has ended, the [...]

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Gum Diseases and Treatment

Gum disease can swiftly cause irreversible damage - but it can also easily be kept at bay by a simple oral health routine. Let’s take a closer look at gum disease, mostly known as periodontitis, which has the Latin root meaning of “inflammation around the tooth.” It can also affect far more than just one’s [...]

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Dental Changes Over Past Five Years

Things can change a lot in technology over the course of five years. The people of 2002 had no idea that the iPhone was coming five years later. Voice assistants like Alexa seemed like a fad in ‘14… now a large number of households have them. The same can be said of the dental field. [...]

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How Vitamins and Minerals Affect Your Teeth

Keeping a strong oral health regimen goes far beyond the bathroom and the dentist’s chair. It also depends on what people do and don’t put in their mouths on an everyday basis. Vitamins and minerals are vital to keeping one’s mouth in shape. Neglecting this key area can be just as big a contributor to [...]

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What Types Of Dentures Are There?

Many people are still getting dentures due to their costing less than dental implants. It can be confusing about what kind would work best for them. That is why it’s important to research.  Here is some information about dentures to help patients be the most informed they can be before their consulting appointment with the [...]

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Why Is Tooth Extraction Necessary

People often go to the dentist with tooth pain. The first thought that often crosses their mind is, “Am I going to lose this tooth?” More often than not, the answer is usually, “No.” That may be because they came quickly enough or a specialist like an endodontist could save it. That being said, there [...]

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