Dental Implant Myths with Dr. Trager, NYPeople of all ages wind up having to make a decision about how to replace a missing tooth. Those over 20 can be eligible for dental implants. The question is – do they have enough information? It can be hard to decide what is trustworthy and what isn’t

Here are a few dental implant myths that may be making people wrongly think twice:

They are too expensive

While people may have to pay more for an implant than say… a bridge, they also need to take into account how long an implant typically last versus that bridge or dentures. Both of those usually last for about seven to ten years before needing to be replaced. Dental implants, on the other hand, are quite durable, lasting for up to 25 years each. That’s a very good overall investment.

They take too long to install

Yes, the process of implanting the screws into the jaw, provided there is enough bone mass to hold them, and then waiting for it to fuse can take months to occur. It’s important that it happens, though, since the screw acts as a root for the replacement tooth. 

Since the implant also lasts a long time, this waiting period is well worth it and will likely seem short in hindsight. With these, it’s best to take a big-picture outlook.

They need a lot of care

No, these are not like dentures, where they need to be removed, cleaned and soaked overnight. Dental implants act like natural teeth. People eat, drink, brush and floss like normal. Very few things are off-limits. The only concern is hard crunchy foods. Those should be avoided.

There are other debunked concerns, like it being too painful, which it’s not thanks to anesthesia. People need to do research and make sure that they get their information from reputable sites. Otherwise, they run the risk of paying too much in the long run.

That being said, it’s important for a patient to be diligent with their oral care. Things can still happen under the surface and bone loss can still occur. Dental implants have a very high 95% success rate, but that is only if the patients maintain a strict routine:

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