Dentures or Dental Implants Can Improve Your SmileYou can’t put it off any longer – the condition of your mouth dictates that you need to have something in there to fill in the gap(s) from any missing teeth – otherwise you’ll lose confidence in speaking with people and smiling, both of which can hurt your professional and personal life. The thing that you have to consider though: are you going to get dentures or dental implants? What is the difference between dentures and dental implants?

Dentures are made to fit into gaps in one’s mouth from missing teeth. They act as the teeth themselves and lend the appearance of teeth. They aren’t permanent, though, and they can be prone to slipping and even falling out from time to time. While the dentist or specialist will do their utmost to make sure that the denture fits, it can become loose depending on how the patient cares for it and if they watch what they eat or drink. They can be fragile too, which means they may need to be repaired,

With dental implants, the dentist or specialist, after first examining the patient’s jaw to make sure that there’s enough bone mass to hold the titanium screws that will be inserted into the empty socket area, will put them in and then generally allow for a several month waiting period before adding the replacement tooth or teeth.

What really makes dental implants stand out above dentures is that they are permanent and stable. Once the titanium screws have fused with the jawbone and the replacement tooth is screwed on, they become like natural teeth. There’s no worrying about having the dental implant slip around or fall out like a denture would.

Add the fact that they are a lot more durable than the dentures, lasting up to 25 years or more, with proper care. Denture-wearers have to get them replaced every five to seven years and are a lot more fragile than the dental implants. Also, dental implant patients don’t have to concern themselves with removing the replacement teeth every night and then brushing them and ultimately soaking them in a special solution overnight to keep them sterile for their mouths. .

There are some reasons why people may opt for dentures rather than dental implants. Those reasons may be things like their financial situation or the state of their jaw. SInce dental implants are mostly considered cosmetic, dental insurance companies may not pay very much, if at all, for the procedure. The amount it costs can be a deterrent for many. Also, once the dentist/specialist inspects their jaw, it’s entirely possible that there’s not enough jaw mass for the screws – even the ones of mini-implants. Dentures would be the second-best option in those cases – since it’s better to fill whatever gaps there are with something rather than allow one to get the sunken-in look that people with missing teeth get.

Whatever you decide, Dr. Robert M. Trager at JFK-LGA Dentist  can help you with either dentures or dental implants. He will gladly examine you and work with you through figuring out what is best for you.