Dr Trager, Ground Marketing, Get Yourself Out There, Fialkoff Study Club 12July17

That’s what I’m saying, as dentists, we’ve gotta figure out where can we go, who can we see, and what can we do that’s really gonna help us? Now, there’s a specialist like Dr. Fialkoff, he realized on us to get the patients in to send to him. And a lot of us here

[inaudible 00:00:23] but we can all use more patients. And it’s tough today. I don’t care where you are.

You know what’s really interesting, those of you who read Morning Huddle from the ADA. They gave a list just last week the median income for dentists. The orthodontist and all surgeons were at $209,000. Most others are about 159 and change. The interesting thing was they said that there’s 350 dentists in the whole state of Vermont, and maybe 500 in the state of Delaware. Those dentists gross more than all these others. Why? They didn’t have to worry about insurance companies. They don’t have to worry about marketing because around here, you got for every 1,000 patients, you must have 10-20 dentists. Where in those areas, you got maybe 1 for every 2,000. So you see, we’re in an area that’s kind of unique as far as competition goes.

So think about it. Nassau County, where I’m from, as well as Queens, Nassau County, we have 1,450 some odd dentists. Queens has about 1,000. Do you realize those two components have more dentists in that area than about 46 states. In Nassau County, we have more members than 24 states, meaning that there are 24 states in this country, we have more members in the whole state. Listen to this, it’s competition so you gotta beat the competition and find out what is in your neighborhood, who are your patients, who’s able to help you to. But that’s why I say get yourself out there. Have presence. Let the people know. Now…

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