Dr Trager, Ground Marketing, Who Our Patients Are, Fialkoff Study Club 12July17

Obviously it must work, so each one of us here have to look in the area that we’re in, who our patients are. Now anybody here near an industrial property? Okay, it’s

[inaudible 00:00:19] China’s. There are industrial parks right here in New Hyde Park, Group Health opened up on Marcus Avenue, a whole bunch of professional buildings. Thousands of people in there. They’re stuck there all day. Most of them have medical…they need a dentist. So the thing is, go in these areas. They’re not that far. Go into the lobby, downstairs. They all have a little lunchroom. Go into the lunchroom, tack up on the wall a flyer, take up some of your business cards, have lunch there, and speak to some of the people.

Dr Robert M Trager is the JFK Dentist
JFK Airport Building 14 West Wing
Jamaica NY 11430
Phone: 718-656-4747
email [email protected]
Dr Robert M Trager is the LGA Dentist

LaGuardia Airport
Central Terminal Building
Room 3636 – West Connector
Flushing NY 11371
Phone 718-507-7800

Number One On The List
Box 3521
New Hyde Park NY 11040
[email protected]
Phone: 917-338-9586