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When a person is missing one or more of his or her teeth, Queens dental implants are an ideal way to restore full functionality to the mouth. Dental implants are the gold standard of care for a missing tooth. Problems such as difficulty with pronouncing words, chewing or smiling could all be helped with Queens dental implants.

What an Implant Is

When a tooth is removed due to injury, decay or another dental issue, it leaves a gap. That gap can be filled with the titanium implant post and an artificial tooth crown that fits on top. The artificial tooth crown is custom-made for the patient at a dental lab with impressions that are taken at the Queens dental office. During the first visit, an impression is taken of the patient’s mouth. At the second visit, the titanium post is implanted into the gum tissue. The insertion of the implant preserves the jaw bone and gum tissue. This helps to ensure that a person’s natural face shape and jaw strength are maintained. During the subsequent visit, the crown is placed on the post.

Who Could Benefit from a Dental Implant

Anyone who is missing one or more teeth could benefit from getting a dental implant. The implant often makes a person feel more confident and self-assured when speaking or smiling. Many people find it easier to chew tough foods such as celery or salad greens when they have a full set of healthy teeth. The implants are so natural looking that nobody will notice that one of the tooth crowns is artificial.

The Convenience of Queens Dental Implants

Getting a dental implant requires about two to four visits to the dentist. For nearby employees at the major airports, JFK dental implants in South Queens and La Guardia dental implants in NOrth Queens are easy to fit into a busy work schedule. The office offers hours from the early morning into the early evening. People who work overnight shifts could have appointments for La Guardia dental implants or JFK dental implants after their shift is over.

About Dr. Robert M. Trager

Dr Robert Trager is the Airport Dentist with offices at JFK and LGA serving airline or airport service employees. Dr Trager’s office cheerfully accepts union dental coverage and his JFK office is next door to where JFK workers go for drug testing.
Dr Robert M Trager is the JFK Dentist
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Dr Robert M Trager is the LGA Dentist
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