How often do I need a dental cleaning?For many people, finding the time for teeth cleaning is difficult. Work, school and family obligations could make it a challenge to get in for an oral cleaning and exam. Teeth cleaning near the Queens airport is a service that Dr. Trager provides so that people who work at or live near the JFK airport can get the dental care they need at a time and place that is convenient to their work schedules. One of the most common questions that Dr. Trager gets is how often a person needs to come in for a teeth cleaning. These tips will help you to learn about the benefits of professional dental hygiene and why it is important to your oral and overall health.

How Often Kids Should Get Their Teeth Cleaned

Not only do many adults wonder when they should get their teeth cleaned, but they also wonder about the same thing for their infants and children. Most dentists and pediatricians recommend that a child have his or her first dental visit as soon as the first baby tooth erupts. The dental hygienist offers tips on how parents can clean the tooth to keep it and all of the others healthy. As kids grow, most dentist recommend teeth cleanings twice per year and twice daily brushing at home for children.

Teeth Cleaning Schedules for Adults With Healthy Teeth

A dental cleaning at the dentist’s office is more intensive than what you can do at home. The dental hygienist uses small tools to remove plaque and tartar buildup from around your teeth and gums. Adults with healthy teeth and no underlying medical conditions should usually visit the dentist once or twice each year for cleanings. During those visits, the dentist will also perform an oral cancer screening and check for other oral health issues.

Who Might Need More Frequent Cleanings

Some people need more frequent cleanings to augment their at-home dental hygiene. People who have had a lot of cavities, oral cancer or periodontal disease might need to come in every two to four months for a teeth cleaning. Other people who may need to come in for more frequent teeth cleanings include:

  • People with chronic conditions such as diabetes or heart disease
  • People who smoke or use other types of tobacco products
  • People with poor dental hygiene at home
  • Women who are pregnant
  • People with HIV infection
  • People who are in treatment for cancer

If it has been a while since you last had a professional cleaning and dental checkup, a teeth cleaning by the Queens airport is a wise choice. Dr. Trager and his staff offer gentle and compassionate care, and you will not be judged if it has been a long time since you visited a dentist. Optimizing your oral health is the goal, and the services provided by Dr. Trager and his staff will help you to achieve and maintain healthy gums and teeth.