Inexpensive options take longer

Whitening strips can get mixed results

Professional whitening can make an immediate difference

People look at their teeth and become unhappy with their color. Whether from aging or from beverages like coffee, tea, soda, or wine, they have become stained. Fortunately, there are several options for them to consider in order to get their white smile again.

Here are several ways for people to remove stains from their teeth from the least expensive to the most.

Toothpaste and Mouthwash

There are a lot of specially-formulated toothpastes and mouthwashes that promote themselves as being able to whiten one’s teeth. It’s a very popular and crowded market with many well-known brands all having their own products.

These tend to take the longest to achieve results. Why? Because they do not stay on the teeth for long enough periods of times to get the optimal level of whiteness. One brushes their teeth for two minutes and rinses for thirty seconds, after all. This is generally ideal for people who have a good amount of time before they want to have their teeth as white as possible before an event. It can mean weeks before they see what they want. This is an inexpensive way, but it requires patience.

Whitening Strips

This is another popular market, with the same brands that promote their toothbrushes and toothpastes also selling these. One takes a strip and puts it on the upper or lower teeth and leave it there for roughly 45 minutes per session.

These can get faster results than the toothpastes and mouthwashes but they work differently for individuals. Some might get sensitive teeth and gums from these treatments. Also, it’s important to not overdo it – it can otherwise weaken enamel. They also don’t have uniform results – some may like their results while others may need more treatments.

Professional Teeth Whitening

While the at-home strips are very limited in their customization, the dentist can create a series of trays filled with a whitening solution that is tailored specifically to that patient’s needs. The trays are actually mouthguards that the patient wears for a specific amount of time.

The dentist can also use a high-strength gel and black light to get near instantaneous results. Naturally, these two options are the most expensive due to the rapid results and the professional-grade material.

The key ingredient in all of these products is hydrogen peroxide, which helps whiten teeth. It depends on the dilution,though.

Dr. Robert Trager has seen the teeth whitening industry boom over the course of his career and will gladly guide patients on the best way to whiten their own teeth.